Intergenerational, we offer to update or refurbish your preceding models with enhanced motor technique, sensors and actuators.

Our service further comprises the installation or modification of a lot more machine components, e.g.

  • centrally adjustable box-magazines
  • leaflet pre-insertion
  • controlled insertion-channel for an active opening of the cardboard box during the insertion process

For further convenience our retrofittable ADDons+ like code scanners, printer connection, folding devices and conveyor run-outs offer individual possibilities to pack your products fast, reliable and custom-made.

Our team of experts helps to develop the right concept for your refurbishment solution and is available for your individual inquiry the whole time.

Spare part service

Supply and installation of spare parts as well as services:

Spare parts

conveyor chains, clutches, drive and bevel gears, brochure pliers, cup trays, vacuum pumps, main drives, Austragebänder, belts for folding units, suction cups, paint rollers, embossing numbers, etc.


  • Conversion of the old drive DC motors to new three-phase motors.
  • Replacement of wear parts such as bevel gears, conveyor chains, clutches, etc.
  • Installation of code readers.
  • Conversion to GUK or Lang folding units.
  • Conversion of flap closure to hot glue closure or vice versa.
  • Addition of a new centrally adjustable product chain to the existing machine.


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