Cartoning machines


Fast packaging

The HKMC is the mainstay in medium speed of our packaging machines. Depending on the product and packaging, the output is up to 150 folded boxes per minute.

A characteristic is the fast format change with an extremely wide range of format’s (5”, 7”, 10” machine pitch). Another advantage of the HKMC is the possibility of format extensions. The building block of the HKMC is the preceding cardboard boxes measuring 300mm in length and 220mm in height can be processed with this extensions.

The foundation of the HKMC is the CONTINA features. The assemblies of the CONTINA were updated to the state of the art and refurbished. HVS can recondition your existing CONTINA. The CONTINA can be restored and upgraded with our more sophisticated features. As an option HVS offers retrofittable ADDons+ to further enhance your efficiency. Individual configured to your need, the HKMC can for a example be updated with a code scanner, a camera control system, a folding device and a cardboard box printer.




Flexible packaging

The HKMG is a flexible and the most compact and reliable cartoning machine. Adjustable and individually applicable - the HKMG was developed as stand-alone solution and is compatible to other assemblies.

It convinces with its compact design and its wide range of formats. Special packaging features of the HKMG are the flap- and hot glue-closure as format set, format extension (H min. 40mm up to 230mm), applicable in left->right or right->left machine directions through its compact design and the packaging of divers products per packaging unit with package insert.

Intergenerational, we offer the potential to update the preceding model CARTONETTA with enhanced motor technique, sensors, actuators, a centrally adjustable box-magazine, leaflet pre-insertion and the controlled insertion-channel for an active opening of the cardboard box during the insertion process.

For further convenience our retrofittable ADDons+ like code scanners, printer connection, folding devices and conveyor run-outs offer individual possibilities to pack your products fast, reliable and custom-made.




Robust packaging

The CarT5 is a robust cartoning machine for extreme demands. Its features like the extra strong conveyor chains and the consistent running of the driveshaft guarantees a reliable functionality and a long life-time.

The equipment units of the CarT5 are designed as modules, so feeding- and closing-variations can be combined in several ways. Your existing CarT5 can be retrofitted with all the newly developed features.

HVS offers retrofittable ADDons+ to further enhance your efficiency. Individually configured to your packaging needs, they can be installed as options.



Individual solutions

Suitable packaging

Our long time approved systems are the foundation of our product line, that has continuously been upgraded through technical innovation.

From flexible to powerful all the way to heavy duty - all packaging solution sectors of pharma, cosmetics and food industries are represented.

We are geared to your visions and develop customized solutions especially for you. We take your needs and develop the most appropriate solution for you and with you!




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