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Michael Weiss & Walter LudwigThe Hohenloher Verpackungs-Systeme GmbH has got its headquarter in Wolpertshausen / Germany. The management of the company, founded in 1990 by Rolf Hohenstein, was reinforced by Walter Ludwig in 2002. In September 2013 Michael Weiss succeeded Rolf Hohenstein who is now in retirement.

Spezialized in cartoning packaging solutions, the focus of our company is on products of the pharma-, cosmetics- and food-industries. The origin of our systems is based on cartoning machines type Cartonetta and Contina.

From our extensive experience in cartoning, three base systems have developed - our flexible HKMG, the high output HKMC and with HVS ADDons+, the CarT5 can be completely rebuild and upgraded.

„They who want to build high towers have to give good consideration to the foundation.“
- Anton Bruckner -

Our motivation is, to offer stable and technically innovative packaging solutions to our customers. Our long time experience and continuous technical development of our systems form a stable and an established foundations.

We continue to develop and rely on experience and technically established systems, that can be upgraded mechanically and electrically to state-of-the-art when it comes to motors, sensors and actuators.

Whether flexible, powerful or heavy duty - we offer the suitable solution for your packaging product.

Our strengths include the field of mechanical engineering in assemblies for secondary packaging and the project planning and development of packaging solutions, as well as the practical experience and customer-oriented cooperation.

Our team of experts help develop the right concept for your solution. From individual consulting to the development, construction and assembly up to the delivery of your machine - our specialists from the several departments are there with advice and assistance within the whole project planning phase.

To further offer you more technical opportunities and to stand up to our technical standard, we work together with partner companies. Our claim is to provide a stable and flexible system for your individual needs build on our experience and expert knowledge.

Intergenerational, we offer to update or refurbish your preceding models with retrofittable HVS ADDons+.

After the installation and assembly of our systems HVS service team offers a complete warranty and maintenance services. This includes conversion as well as restorations and spare part delivery.

You, can benefit from our know-how in the field of carton and folded box design! We support you at every step in the in process to deliver your specific tailor-made supply systems for your cartoning machines.

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Walter Ludwig




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